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Resolved! FOTA/FUOTA Delta firmware with STM32

I'm new to the STM32 and I wanna know how can I make a Delta firmware ? If anyone have an idea or have already worked on it, please share it with me.Otherwise, is it possible to make a program that take the initial firmware and only update the addres...

Moughit by Associate III
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Proper way to send 16 bit SPI data

I need to send 8 bit and 16 bit data with my 32f769. I found a register modification routine to change the bits from 8 to 16 and back. I checked the SFRs and it works (changing the bits that is),When I transmit 8 bit data, all is fine. I can send ...

Resolved! Is there a better way to generate a variable frequency using DMA and TIM2 than what is described in AN2820 Paragraph 2.2.1 Page 13/14?

It is doing exactly what I want, It is ramping up the frequency at the start, staying steady for some period of time, and then ramping down. In my case, I need up to 38400 steps. And I want to count steps, not time. My first thought was to have a big...

KiptonM by Lead
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STM32F769 SPDIFRX Interupt

Hello there, I am developing an application that takes data out of SPDIFRX port and I am trying to do this with interupts instead of pollingI am basing my code on polling example that you can find here:

MKocj.1 by Associate II
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How do I clear my output buffer?

I'm using an STM32F103C8T6 "Blue Pill" connected to Ublox module using UART. It just a simple operation of receiving data and then print them to serial monitor using CDC_Transmit()HAL_UART_Receive(&huart1, receivedData, sizeof receivedData, HAL_MAX_D...

AFidi.1 by Associate II
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