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Accurate ADC reading with Bluepill

Hello all,for my DIY Radio Controller (LoRa and STM32F1C8) i am using two joysticks and one poti.I am reading ADC with the DMA but what i noticed is that the ADC values are not so accurate.I know with not (professional, expensive) Potis and joysticks...

hamo by Senior
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How to check ROM and RAM?

We are trying to add built-in self-test capability to a program we are developing.Specifically, we would like to periodically check ROM and RAM. Are there any sample programs for those? [MCU] STM32F412VGT6

UART only works while ST-Link is connected

I'm using an ST-Link broken off from a NUCLEO board to program a custom board with an STM32G4A1 on it. The issue is that UART transmission only seems to work while the ST-Link is connected - probing the line with a scope shows no activity when the ST...

jm-vdai by Associate
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Resolved! LTDC problem

Hello,i have problem with custom board assembled with STM32F767BIT6. I'm trying to interfacing LCD-TFT DEM 800480K3 TMH-PW-N which is assembled by HX8264E, HX8664B drivers. I'm using RGB888 interface configured via STMCubeIDE filled by resolution 800...

Petr3_0-1710007166195.png Petr3_1-1710007197328.png Petr3_2-1710007231808.png Petr3_3-1710007261454.png
Petr3 by Associate III
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No trigger of HRTIM burst DMA controller

Hi,I want to update multiple HRTIM registers with a single DMA request on a STM32G474RE. To do this, I am trying to follow this simple Getting started with HRTIM tutorial, which has a section "#To_go_further_about_DMA_burst" on the board "B-G474E-DPO...

PGONOVEA by Associate
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