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Resolved! BKPSRAM corrupted after power cicle

Hello,I'm using a STM32U5A5VJTXQ MCU and I need to use the 2K BKPSRAM located @0x40036400.I can read and write without problem the BKPSRAM after power up, but a power cycle corrupt all the content. Strangely, the RTC content: time and registers, are ...

clemente by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32F756VGH6 unpredictable basic timer

Hi,I am at the beginning of my STM32F756VGH6 register programming journey. I have already setup everything, and now I am at the led blink (using a logic analyzer for measuring the time intervals). I decided to make a simple blocking delay function ou...

Vilius by Associate II
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DMA and SPI - TEIF error

Posted on June 15, 2015 at 12:57 Hello I am a beginner in using STM32 devices, so please tell me if I am doing something incredibly wrong here. I am trying to enable DMA for SPI on STM21F411RE but I keep getting TEIF error on the SPI3 ch...

tbnkr by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F411 ADC full capacity with USB

I've got an black pill with STM32F411CEU6 on it, I plan to simply use it for a single purpose: reading ADC at near full capacity and transfer values to PC via USB. After investigating around F411 product page on, I've found that:ADCin product ...

epsi1on by Associate II
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SDIO comprehensive course

Hello everyone, as port of my role I am looking form SDIO comprehensive course. Can be either online or not. If any of the members can give a recommendation on how to ramp up well on SDIO protocol / use cases / specs / etc. it will be of great help. ...

I have a problem with HAL LWIP that is very troubling

  When I was using Cube MX software to generate LWIP examples for STM32F107, using RAW mode was very normal. But once FREERTOS  lwip is selected through CUBEMX, basic PING communication cannot be achieved. I am wondering if there is anything to pay a...

King by Associate
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what is port output speed in STM32

Hi.I'm looking for some answer which I can not find anywere.What is the time between instruction execution time consisting of writing '1' to GPIO->BSRR of any pin and port and real mcu pin state in case when HCLK is e.g. 72MHz and APB2 is 4,5MHz (APB...

sholojda by Associate III
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