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Resolved! SPI_multiple_bytes_transfer

I am sending multiple bytes in spi protocol. The sender is sending properly through AARDWARK(Total Phase Control)Software. But only the odd number of bytes are received and the receiving is not proper using these HAL_Functions. What is the issue?chec...

vbk22398 by Associate III
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STM32 UART only working with debugger

Hi,I am working with STM32g491re custom board. With UART communication our STM32 and other MCU communicating.After flashing the firmware with debugger both boards are communicating properly but once power off & on If other board sends the data stm32 ...

Resolved! STM32G474VET3: DAC output and comparator input question

As i am using inside comparators. For that i can see below available options for reference voltages. My question is about DAC output can it be set internally or i have to make physical connection by DAC out put pin to comparator input  

sag by Associate III
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Regarding issue with NUCLEO-F429ZI.

NUCELO-F429ZI Encountered a issue.When i connect a USB ,it is showing like FAIL and a message is shown on the screen likeThe interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU.Can any one let me know what is the reason for this and solution for t...

MCU 150C

I have been developing a system using an SMT32L476 but it is only rated to 125C .I'm looking for a temperature range of 150C .  Its is desing into a piece of test equipment that goes within a thermal Chamber and cna overshoot ot 130-50 before settlin...

SSSL by Associate II
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STM32H503 I3C not working stable

I am working off of the example I3C ENTDAA CMD for the STM32H5 series to initialize a slave device. I am stuck in a wierd phenomenon that once CCC CMD triggered and then after more than 300 mS, the I3C function is dead. The test setting as below, The...

Goldberg_Tsai_0-1713627816641.png Goldberg_Tsai_1-1713628948508.png

STM32H743 IWDG Standby

Hi,I have been banging my head for a while now and decided to reach out for help. I am trying to get the IWDG to freeze during Standby. Based off the reference manual I have toggled the IWDG_FZ_SDBY bit to 0. In STM32CubeProgrammer it is set to 0 so ...