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Finding the name of the USART handle

Hi. I am going through the STM32 Step by Step instructions, as well as going through the "Description of STM32F7 HAL and low-layer drivers" manual. I am using the STM32756-EVAL board so I have made some appropriate changes based on the pins and ports...

OIp.1 by Associate III
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STM32H7 SPI2 unrealibe transmission of data

Hi everyone,A new issue has occur and have no idea as to why the transmission would be sometimes corrupt. I try sending the word "Hello World" as a test, however sometimes I would receieve the word but sometimes I would receivbe garage values that va...

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CLeo.1 by Senior II
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hello i'm trying to make a project whit stm32f401ve and Digital Thermometer DS1621 using I2C protocol, and I have a problem whit i2c receive. here is my source code and photos of datasheet and simulation any help will be appreciated

 static const uint16_t TEMP_ADRESS = 0x48<<1; int main(void) { HAL_StatusTypeDef RETURN ; uint8_t buffer[1]; uint8_t buffer2[2]; uint16_t Val ; float temp_c ;   HAL_Init(); SystemClock_Config(); MX_GPIO_Init(); MX_I2C1_Init();   buffer[0]=0x...

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SEKLAMIN by Associate II
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Resolved! QSPI nCS behavior on STM32H747

Hello,I am facing an issue with nCS pin of QSPI on STM32H747BIT.Reference manual indicates that SCLK is supposed to wait one period after nCS fall before starting operations :But I do not observe this wait on my board.*Yellow is the clock *Blue is th...

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BBute.1 by Associate
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