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SOLVED - X Nucleo PLC01A1 : porting to F7

After writing some code for PLC01A1 and STM32 F446RE, I'm trying to port it on my F767ZI.PLC Board uses SPI PA5, PA6 and PA7 for CLK, MISO and MOSI, and F4 & F7 have the same pinout. In addition PLS01A1 uses F4's PB10,PB6 and PC7, but the same pins a...

STM32F407-Baremetal clock not working

Hi all, I tried to configure the clock to run at 32MHz and I was using Systick to toggle the LED every 1 Sec by configuring the Systick reload value by 32Mhz -1. But, Somehow toggling is not happening for exactly 1 sec I also used a logic analyzer to...

I2S DMA data width question. Word vs half word.

So I got i2s working great on a stm32f4 based on this video has DMA set to circular, half word. and we start the i2s with HAL_I2SEx_TransmitReceive_DMA (&hi2s2, txBuf, rxBuf, 4); 4 being...

Resolved! Different binary data when running directly

Hello,I have a strange problem that I already lost a lot of hair over. I am using cubeIDE with an stlink v2 (STM32G441 with a blank C/C++ project and CMSIS). All run very well until today. So I am sure the code itself is ok.If I compile the project b...


I'm working with stm32f0 hdmi cec function to make Arc audio with tvI can able to communicate with tv but arc not initiate with feature abort commandAnyone have used it before help me with source example

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