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STM32G0B1 FDCAN and bit timing

Hi,I would like to use the FDCAN peripheral of the STM32G0B1, for CAN2.0B.Coming from the F0 CAN peripheral, I can understand most of the new peripheral easily.However, for the bit timing, per FDCAN specification, there are 2 bit times: the nominal (...

Kraal by Senior III
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STM32H750 issue switching system clock to PLL1

I'm trying to get the STM32H750 discovery board running at 400MHz with as little code as possible. (plain C with ST's startup file, cherry-picking structs and defines from CMSIS)As far as I can tell I do most of the things, ST's examples do before an...

Resolved! Nucleo F446RE power supply

Good morningI am about to receive a Nucleo F446RE board.I'd like to add a 5V power supply, not using only the USB power supply.Can I give the supply from an AC/DC converter (220V AC to 5V DC)?Can I connect it directly to the board?Do I need to connec...

FabioCC by Associate II
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Encryption csv file

HelloMCU has SD card & USB in MSC Device mode. I am storing data on SD card in csv fatfs format. The data from SD card can be read on computer by making connecting with USB. Now I want to encrypt the data so only my GUI application software on comput...

Nico3 by Senior
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Resolved! Delete repository files STM32Cube

I urgently need to free up space on Windows and this folder weighs about 20gb.Obviously I plan to save all these files in a flash drive before deleting it, to avoid any kind of problem,But I ask you what is this folder, what files it contains and if ...

luke514 by Senior
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