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Resolved! SPI Clock divider

STM32F103:I see in the SPI configuration only prescalers of powers of 2. How can I adjust a distinct clockrate for SPI?

How to compare 2 AdcHandle objects equal or not?

I have 2 ADC_HandlerTypeDef objects came from 2 different channel of ADC1, and I have an ADC function, like this:ADC_read(ADC_HandlerTypeDef ADC_Handler)How can I use this function for 2 channels?I tried this:if (ADC_Handler == ADC_Handler_1){ .....

MQi.1 by Senior II
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Resolved! Project on Micron memory

hello ST community,I am currently working on an application and I am developping the project on my board. In my application I am using a Micron NOR memory MT25QL512A in QUADSPI mode. I have previously used other OCTOSPI memories but the first time wi...

Fails to get output on DAC1 channel 2 and DAC2

I feel rather stupid with this one since it should be fairly straight forward. I'm trying to use all three DAC outputs on the Nucleo32-F303K8 and I can get the first channel to work fine but I get nothing on the other channels. Multiplexing should be...

0693W00000aJ8W7QAK.png 0693W00000aJ8WRQA0.png
HFril.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Nucleo dev board default code

I have a Nucleo-F446RE and C031C6. The default code that came on the board uses the blue button to change the LED blink pattern... Is this code available? It would be very helpful to be able to see how it works.Thanks!!

BLynn.1 by Associate
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STM32C0316-DK RTC reset after reboot.

I am using STM32C0316-DK and testing RTC.LSE is used for RTC Clock.I removed the code setting rtc time/date in MX_RTC_Init(). After change the time/date, reboot board but rtc time/date are cleared.When I checked RTC_CR register, it was also cleared. ...

hcho.2 by Associate
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