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noinit area configuration in icf file

Hello,I am using STM32L412RB.I want to set a part of RAM (SRAM2) as a noinit area.I want to know which part needs to be corrected.Below is the icf file currently in use. thank you/*###ICF### Section handled by ICF editor, don't touch! ****//*-Editor...

MKim.12 by Associate II
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Communication with external ADC by SPI

Hello I ask to help check if all right with my code, this is my first SPI...I have use ADC1247 and seems it alive and responce for me by some of data, but ADC is sending something like "I see some of load" or "I dont see nothing". This is for 4 wire ...

YShe.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! RM0316 (i.e. 'F303) - 'F302 relics

In the ancient times, RM0316 used to contain also 'F302, but that changed long ago. Yet some relics remained, causing confusion: and a couple of more, related to these two, easily found by textual search.JW

0693W00000bhPF5QAM.png 0693W00000bhPFUQA2.png