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16-bit addresses register in i2c stm32

hii want to write in AT24C512 with stm32f103c8 i send my code.HAL_I2C_Mem_Write(&hi2c1, 0XA0, 0X11FA,I2C_MEMADD_SIZE_16BIT ,   &write_data, 1, 100);For example, I want to put the value of write_data on 0x11FA, and I specify the memory address as 16 b...

ssham.11 by Associate
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Not getting expected output on TIM1CH1?

I have TIM1 clocked at 20MHZ, PSC = 20000 - 1, ARR = 1000 - 1, RCR = 2 -1 .....I have Channel 1 as Output Compare CH1....I have TRGO set to Output Compare (OC1REF). Finally to validate what I hope TRGO is doing (since there is no way to see TRGO dire...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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STM32U575 FMAC DMA wong amount of bytes

I have experimented with STM32U575Z using FMAC. I run the FMAC doing a convolution (sFmacConfig.Filter = FMAC_FUNC_CONVO_FIR) I run the FMAC in DMA mode. I registerd a HAL_FMAC_OUTPUT_DATA_READY Callback But it is never triggered. According to AN5593...

Basic timer questions STM32L476?

Hello all...Can someone give me direct answers below...(And please don't refer me to documentation as I have scoured thru it and not solved my questions)I would like some clarity as I have found no documentation to clarify the following:When using co...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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Resolved! X-CUBE-EEPROM Is it possible to remove routine which writes 64bit zeros on every restart of the device? (It writes 64bits of 0 during EE_Init - due to data recovery mechanism).

I am using X-CUBE-EEPROM software to emulate EEPROM in flash memory of the MCU.It is running on STM32G070RB. This MCU has endurance only 1 kcycle.We would like to store only a few variables (about 10) to the virtual eeprom. I expect that the main app...

RMala.2 by Associate II
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