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How to fix the I2C slave issue with STM32G070? HAL_I2C_ListenCpltCallback, HAL_I2C_AddrCallback, HAL_I2C_SlaveRxCpltCallback, HAL_I2C_SlaveTxCpltCallback

Hi, I'm trying to setup a stm32g070kb (32pin) MCU as I2C slave by using CubeIDE.I would like to create a code which will work same as I2C Eeprom, but when I ask the stm32 (with another MCU) to return me a register or registers value, the returned reg...

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MrLKovacs by Associate II
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STM32C0 Boot Programming

Hi, I am planning to use STM32C011F6 for a simple application and want to download application through UART1. How to use BOOT0 pin to program MCU for the first time. According to data sheet, UART1 pins PA9/PA10 needs remapping to function as UART. Al...

KGane.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! [ STM32G070 ] STM32G070 input mode pin speed setting?

Dear Sir,​In STM32G070 series, the code shows the speed setting for GPIO output,If my GPIO is setting for input to receive external interrupt, does the speed setting also apply for GPIO input mode?Thanks/** @defgroup GPIO_speed GPIO speed * @brief ...

E-John by Associate III
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Sorry, I am new STM32 MCU ​I want to bring up WIFI function with SDIO to connect Internet, but I cannot find any SDIO API in H7 like stm32f4xx_sdio.c.The link is where I can find the answer I want, but it only supports H747. Does ST directly support...

wG.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! GPIO rise/fall time on Nucleo H7

I am prototyping an application on a Nucleo H7 board and I would like to use 50 MHz SPI master for performance reasons.At lower speeds (25 MHz, for example) I am able to generate a fairly clean SPI Mclk that passes requirements, however at 50 MHz I e...

Resolved! Change ADC clock in STM32H7

Hello, i'm using an STM32H7 but unfortunately for a known bug of the firmware package i'm not able to select the ADC prescaler. Uprading to a newer firmware package is not considered.At the moment i resolved applying a prescaler with the linehadc1.In...

halbeeee by Associate II
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Counting 10000000 with 16 bit TIMER

Hello,I'm counting a 10MHz oscillator(with external clock mode 1) for 1 second using the stm32f0 processor's TIM1. I get about 10 000 000 pulses.Then the system has a starting point and I start the 1s counting process here. The timer counts a maximum...

hazall by Associate III
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How to use oscillator as a TIMER clock source ?

#define ExternalOSCport GPIOA #define ExternalOSCTimer TIM1 #define ExternalOSCpin GPIO_Pin_8   voidClock_Config(){   TIM_ICInitTypeDef TIM_ICInitStructure; TIM_OCInitTypeDef TIM_OCInitStructure;   NVIC_InitTypeDef NVIC_InitStructure; GPIO_InitType...

hazall by Associate III
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