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Resolved! STM32H7xx HAL SD card power management extension support

Is there support in the HAL for the power management function on SD cards as per section 5.8.1 of the SD card specification (Physical Layer Simplified Specification Version V9.00)? I am talking specifically about the Power Off Notification feature.My...

AHaup.1 by Associate
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Resolved! How is SCLH and SCLL calculated in I2C_TIMINGR?

I have read the document RM0433 and AN4235, but the calculation is still a puzzle. For example, if my I2C frequency = 1MHz, I2C clock source frequency = 170MHz, AF=on, DF=off, rise time = 80ns, fail time = 10ns, how do you get the SCLH = 0x10 and SCL...

SHU.1 by Associate
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How to properly handle FDCAN TX FIFO

Hello,I have a STM32G431KB on a custom PCB and got the CAN bus to work. The only problem I have is that the TX FIFO is always filling up and the bus stops after 127 errors.The workaround I have is to abort the TX request./* Add message to Tx FIFO */ ...

PKavv.1 by Associate II
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Nucleo-F303RE Getting ADC Data Speed Problem

Hello everyone,I'm trying to get ADC(DMA) data on the NucleoF303RE STM32 board. The sampling speed is 1Msamples/s. When I apply a sinus wave I see data losses on ADC data. I tried to read data with a serial port and save it to an sd card. Both of the...

ADynr.1 by Associate II
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