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Cannot read correct data from STM32 internal FLASH

Hi,I am using STM32u585 MCU.It has 2 FLASH banks of 1MB each one.In initially I read correct data (64 bytes) from page 0 of FLASH bank 2, at address 0x0810.0000After that I erase the FLASH page.In CubeIDE Memory Browser window I can see that the page...

STM32H747I-DISCO tearing in double buffering

Hello all,I have been trying to get the discovery board working in video mode with double buffering example working but have had no luck. I tried three different projects, the really old one from some release from two years ago, the 1.11.0 release, a...

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AWang.8 by Associate
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HAL_FLASHEx_Erase() fails sometime on STM32L4R9ZI

HiI am using STM32L4R9ZI for my product and I am facing an issue in updating Flash. I am using flash_l4.c as provided by CubeIDE Project along with the STWIN Kit. I have attached the flash_l4.c for reference. I am using the FLASH_update() function to...

ZHaid.1 by Associate II
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STM32H7 支持的协议

STM32H7 can support SPI communication, Parallel communication, GPIO analog SPI communication, but can it support TTL, SDR CMOS, JESD204B protocol communication? Or what should I do if I want STM32 to implement these protocols?

Resolved! VBUS sense and ID for USB OTG on STM32U595

I am using the USB port on a STM32U595 in device mode only. I am not using a type-C interface with a CC controller. I see that the NUCLEO144_Q with STM32U575 divides the USB VBUS input and connects it to PC2 for use as VBUS_SENSE.[Q1] Do I need to co...

jt94093 by Associate
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STM32H750B-DK use LTDC_Paint example in new project

 Hi,I am using the STM32H750B-DK board and would like to use the LCD and touch screen in my project. I have been looking at the existing LTDC_Paint example (STM32CubeH7/Projects/STM32H750B-DK/Applications/Display/LTDC_Paint at master · STMicroelectro...

Bxy by Associate II
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