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STM32H7 CPU runs too slowly occasionally

test code as below:#include <rtthread.h> #include <rthw.h>   #define CPU_USAGE_CALC_TICK 100 #define CPU_USAGE_LOOP 100   static rt_uint8_t cpu_usage_major = 0, cpu_usage_minor= 0; static rt_uint32_t total_count = 0; static rt_uint32_t _c...

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zhuij.1 by Associate II
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Possible DMA reading problem from ADCx_CDR

Dear All,I am trying to develop a code for STM32H742VGT revision V. ADC1 and ADC2 work in regular simultaneous mode and they are set to convert 6 channels. All the settings are exactly same to have same sampling and conversion time. Of course, ADC1 a...

TA1 by Associate III
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Resolved! SPI interface issues on STM32U575VGT

I´m using the SPI1 via the alternative pins PB3-PB5 and I'm experiencing various issues. I have previously used the STM32F722 with somehow same CubeIDE setup and code and that works perfectly.I have made a simple test application that only sends one ...

MJens.2 by Associate II
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STMod+ on H757I-EVAL Board

Hey Folks.So, I have the H757I-Eval Board that I got as a gift, and given that I'd like to try some stuff and even follow some tutorials, I miss the exposition of the PINs. Reading TN1238 which talks about a fan-out expansion board, it says "The prin...

nnoK by Associate
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DMA SPI transfer recovery time

I am making this call:  if(HAL_SPI_Receive_DMA(&hspi3, &aRecvBuffer[0],3)!= HAL_OK)inside an external GPIO interrupt handler that gets called every 20 us. It is used to read data from an external ADC. I noticed that this dma transfer works well only ...

fma23 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U585 OSPI hard fault on memory-mapped write

I'm trying to follow the OSPI_NOR_MemoryMapped STM32CubeIDE example, but for a different device (W25Q128FV). Write Enable, Read Status, and Erase Sector commands behave as expected, as well as memory-mapped reads. This has been confirmed by monitorin...

BHamm by Associate II
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