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USB renumeration in NUCLEO-F446RE

I am designing a board using STM32F446RE (with embedded ST link) with NUCLEO-F446RE as a reference. While going through the NUCLEO-F446RE schematic, I am not clear regarding the USB renumeration process and hardware connection. Could you please expla...

Ellu1213 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32F769i DISCO recovery to factory reset

I have purchased STM32F769 Discovery Kit. I'm new to this board usage. I tried an led blinking example using STM32CubeIDE. After Debugging the code I lost the factory default code and now nothing is showing on LCD display.Is there a way to get back t...

bootloader to FreeRTOS on stm32f0x

Hi, I'm trying to jump to a FreeRTOS app via a bootloader that i made. I'm pretty new to this. I know there is a lot of similar topic on the internet but none of them fixed my problem. When I try to jump to my FreeRTOS app with my bootloader, nothing...

retroll by Associate II
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Problems with RTC - wakeup from STOP-Mode

Hi,i am using a STM32L010K8 MCU and i want to wake up from stop mode when a RTC-Wakeup interrupt occours. Here in this example i set the RTC wakeup interrupt for 30 seconds. Without entering the sleep mode the RTC IRQ works fine. But if the MCU enter...

ledi001 by Associate III
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