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STM32 Encoder limits

I`m using an encoder on STM32G4 series to set speed of the pump motor. I have values between 0 and 100. I set autoreload value as 200. I`m looking for the solution to avoid counter autoreload. I mean, when counter goes to 200 - it stays 200 instead o...

UART Timeout

    I have been using the HAL_UART_Transmit() method to transmit data . In this transmit method I should give the timeout parameter since it is a blocking function. My doubt is what is the unit of timeout parameter?(i.e. milli seconds or micro second...

ajimathew by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32G4: First ADC samples are not correct

Summary: I am sampling the internal voltage reference 5 times using DMA with the ADC set to continuous mode with LL_DMA_LIMITED. I know about the errata that says to ignore the first ADC value, but the other 4 values only become consistent if I use a...

NUCLEO-H503 Timer

Hello.I am using the NUCLEO-H503 board, and I would like to verify its speed-related specifications accurately.I am attempting to toggle a GPIO pin using the Timer NVIC whenever the HAL_TIM_PeriodElapsedCallback() signal occurs.Currently, my board's ...

shlee_0-1689934557936.png shlee_1-1689934628658.png shlee_2-1689934651543.png
sh.lee by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L475RE Connection lost

Hello together,I am currently trying to program a STM32L475RET6. But I have the problem that when I connect the programmer and click on connect, a connection can be established, but it disappears after only a short time with the error "connection los...

netsbats by Associate II
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