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Resolved! I2C does not work with Arduino IDE and STM32L152

Hi,I tried the following program:#include <Wire.h>   void setup() { Wire.begin(); //creates a Wire object // set I/O pins to outputs Wire.beginTransmission(0x20); // MCP 23008 Port Expander Wire.write(0x00); //selects the IODIRA register Wire.write(0...

PStol.1 by Associate
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What is the problem with this display, I am using the STM32F7508-DK With 800x480 Display but I am getting artifacts when using transition function in touchgfx

I am using TST070CBOT-01P Along with STM32F7508-DK using RGB Interface , I have wired the jumpers with the display to the corresponding pins and everything works fine in static mode, But when transition begins then the Display shows artifacts as show...

Caan by Associate II
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CAN2 in STM32F407 is not working

I wanted to us CAN2 interface in my project. I started with example application ("CAN_Networking"). This example application works very well with CAN1 but when CAN2 is configured in this application it doesn't work at all. No transmission and no rece...