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How to use half precision floating variable

Posted on May 22, 2017 at 12:26Hello,I would like to use half precision floating variable in my project but i don't know how. I'm working on a NUCLEO-L073 board that embeds a cortex m0 STM32l073 MCU that does not have any FPU. I'm using the SW4STM32...

Resolved! Data is not stored in the FIFO when FSEL is 1

What I want to do is send Write Enable instruction to external Flash and erase.The environment is as follows.Use Board : nucleo l4r5ziIDE : Atollic TrueSTUDIO® for STM32, Built on Eclipse Neon.1a.(Version: 9.3.0)FLASH : W25Q64JVThe connection diagram...

Myasu1_0-1708448593094.png Myasu1_1-1708448757561.png Myasu1_2-1708449526837.png
Myasu.1 by Senior
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Resolved! MAX17201 read problem.

Hello.We are trying to read measured voltage by MAX17201 chip - register 0x09.But we are receiving incorrect value - 0x936A when battery voltage is 3.0V?!We are using I2C communication protocol.Here is the I2C initialization:static void MX_I2C1_Init(...

STM32U575 GPDMA DCMI High resolution image

HiI've been struggling trying to get an Image from a Image sensor over DCMI via the GPDMA on an STM32U575.The image sensor has a resolution of 752*480, though I only want to capture 420*420, which I've configured on the sensor to output. I've also co...

STM32U5A5 USB CDC issue

My project use STM32U595 chip. It will use HS USB to send large amount data to computer.I use NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q for testing.The project use Ux_Device_CDC_ACM in NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q of STM32Cube_FW_U5_V1.4.0.I reference this post

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Mark5918 by Associate II
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UARTs Not Working On HSE Clock

Hi ,I am using an STM32F205 for my project. We were using HSI as the clock source before and found out that HSI will not work very well with high temperatures for UARTs, So we added an External crystal clock (16Mhz) but I am unable to get Comms out o...

JThom.15 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H735G BSP_OSPI_NOR_Erase_Chip(0) not work

I have STM32H735G configured and worked with TouchGFX,. I have tihis configuration works:MX_OCTOSPI1_Init ->okayBSP_OSPI_NOR_Init(0, &ospi_nor_int)-> okayBSP_OSPI_NOR_EnableMemoryMappedMode(0)-> okay(post code)static void MX_OCTOSPI1_Init(void){ /* U...

STM32C011 unbale to configure nRST pin as GPIO

Hi everyone,Recently started working on STM32C011J4M3 micro. I'm trying to set PF2-NRST pin as a GPIO. but when I configure it from cube MX as GPIO PIN always reamins in High state that is a 3.28v and i'm unable to toggle the pin or perform any other...