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STM32H743 reference manual FDCAN_NBTP description

Hi,depend on reference manual RM0433 Rev 8 for STM32H743 p.56.5.7 "FDCAN nominal bit timing and prescaler register" the CAN bit time can be programmed max. 81 time quanta. Is documentation correct on this place?Due to described time quantum range [1....

EMonj.1 by Associate II
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Bit alingment

Hi everyoneI have a problem with a data structure I really want to use, because I would heavenly benefit from the easy access, that it would provide. /* * myTypes.h * * Created on: 02.05.2023 * Author: */ #ifndef INC_MYTYPES_H_ #define I...

master full spi register with stm32l010c6t6

Hi everyone! i am work with stm32l010c6t6 for comunicate llcc68 Lora module using spi, i find the standard peripheral library and not have, i don´t want use hal because i need maior control. i am using the example but this is using stm32f103c8t6 and ...

jdo by Associate II
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Where to find DFU examples?

Hello, I have both the B-G474E-DPOW1 and the STM32F407G-DISC1.According to the AN3156 I saw that both the G4 and F4 series support DFU. I wanted to demo this capability with either of these boards, but I can't find any examples specific to these targ...


Hi,my problem is somehow close to this post "How to run NUCLEO-PGEEZ1 on NUCLEO-L476RG board? " So, I have followed the structure for my board STM32L4R5 IT6 and I don't have error in my program.My problem is, I can't get  my expected result from EEPR...

Screenshot Result.png app_x-cube-eeprma1.png LogicAnalyzer.png
N.goli by Associate
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Lift monitoring using STM32WLE5 (RAK3172)

Hello and thank you for your time This post is about recommendations or best practice ideas, and first, I will introduce my project.As the title states, the goal is to create a "lift monitoring" device using the STM32WLE5.The device should detect and...

Dodo by Associate II
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FDCAN fail to run with OTA firmware

Hi there! I am writing to bring to your attention an issue we have encountered during the testing phase of the firmware for the STM32G474VET6-based microcontroller. The core of the problem revolves around the functionality of the FDCAN interface when...

Query regarding Power Up of STUSB4500

I was working on a project of power delivery using STUSB4500. I am configuring the STUSB4500 registers using a Nucleo F07. So, my query is whether we can connect the Nucleo Board for UART / I2C Connection and the Type C Power Adapter for Source Input...

theAkash by Associate
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