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STM32L4 wakes up instantly from low-power sleep

Hi all,I want to measure the power consumption on my board which has a STM32L431CC. Other than the µC, there is nothing left on the board excepted for an RC filter on the NRST pin, I removed the RTC quartz.Inspired by the example code i found, i wrot...

Steven.D by Associate II
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Resolved! GPIO read/write not working on custom STM32H735 board

Hello,I'm using a custom board based on a STM32H735 with various GPIO inputs and outputs. The STM32 is packaged as a 0.5mil pitch BGA and the board assembly has been outsourced.I'm able to flash a program on the MCU and debug it by adding breakpoints...

TerMarK by Associate II
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Using timer to wake from sleep

Im attempting to put the cpu to sleep between ticks of timer 15 on a stm32L432, The LED flashs without the Sleep code however it never wakes up from the timer interuptvoid HAL_TIM_PeriodElapsedCallback(TIM_HandleTypeDef * htim) { HAL_ResumeTick(); if...

PGood.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Confusion with MDF and its SPI/Manchester setting

Hi all,We are trying to wire a microphone to the STM32U585. The microphone (T5838) outputs PDM and takes a clock as input.As far as I understand, the MDF peripheral supports PDM interface (as stated in RM046, Rev 4, 39.1), so it is compatible with th...

VTOR_S when TrustZone is disabled

Using the latest STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeH5 and NUCLEO-H563ZI with TrustZone disabled.I put a breakpoint at the first instruction in startup in Reset_Handler. The debugger shows in SFRs, SCB->VTOR_S is 0x8000000 (which is my NSBOOTADD) and SCB->VTOR_N...

mete by Senior
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STM USART bootloader issue with STM32F446

I've been using bootloader over USART3 PB10/PB11 at an STM32F446ZET6 for long time and it works reliably at least at 115200kbit.  This year we assembled several new PCB's without HW change and the bootloader stopped working. When programming the STM3...

MartenP by Associate
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Resolved! Write Flash memory over virtual Com Port (USB)

Hello, I am developing a dual processor application with a host (STM32F205xx) and a slave (Radio Module SoC). The idea is to update the wireless module's firmware from the PC via the virtual COM port.The firmware is temporarily stored in STM flash me...

Semiory by Associate II
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