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Resolved! SPI Overrun error is occurring in stm32g030kt6 MCU Slave

I programmed stm32G030kt6 controller as slave .it need to send requesting packets to master . what is happening is  alternative packet is  getting skipped from my buffer as shown in below image .uint8_t tx_buffer[41] = "\x29""\x3F\x4F\x5F\x6F\xFF\xFF...

Nchun.1 by Senior
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Hi,I want to use input capture mode with high resolution timer(HRTIM) on stm32f334r8 microprocessor. I am sending a pulse signal over the oscilloscope. I use one of the External Event Input pins for this. I want to capture the rising edges of the pul...

Leylifer by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G441 GPIO PB4 and PB6 pullup not working

Hello,I am having a strage problem with setting up simple input pins on PB3, PB4, PB5, PB6 and PB7 with pullup on a G441 bare metal. I set the bits in the GPIOB_MODER and GPIOB_PUPDR acordingly and also read them back to make sure. They are correct. ...

Resolved! How to use Timers ?

Hi, I'm learning how to use timers by following digikey's tutorial : Getting Started with STM32 and Nucleo Part 6: Timers and Timer Interrupts | Digi-Key Electronics - YouTubeHowever at 9:41 in the video I don't understand the code : // If enough tim...

Gnahore by Senior
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STM32H743BIT6 internal ADC with offset of +150mV

Hello alli have a board with STM32H743BIT6 on it with 4 INTERNAL ADC pin connected to resistor ladders.i connected external 2.5V reference and defined in the IOC file to use external reference.i have constant offset of +150mV and all readings of the ...

ZSade.1 by Associate II
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STM32H743 SAI DMA noise

Hello,I took over working code that I have for a DSP project from an STM32F439 to an STM32H743. On the F4 I had the external audio codec connected to the I2S peripheral but switched over to the SAI on the H7. Now I am experiencing excessive noise whe...

Screenshot 2023-09-05 165736.png Screenshot 2023-09-05 170054.png Screenshot 2023-09-05 191001.png Screenshot 2023-09-05 191015.png
JP_ama by Associate III
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STM32 SPI with CC1125 (TI)

The CC1125 is a TI sub-GHz transceiver: User's Guide - - says that, after asserting CS, the SPI Master must wait for the CC1125 to pull MISO low before starting the transfer:I th...