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32F417 IWDG - hardware watchdog mode question

If you set the IWDG to start using the option byte, the watchdog cannot be disabled subsequently. Am I right thata) the prescaler can be modifiedb) the counter itself can be reloadedItem b) would be a vulnerability, surely, because faulty code could ...

PHolt.1 by Senior II
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STM32G0B1KxT CAN not working

Hi Team,I am using STM32G0B1KxT and code is successfully uploaded. The code is referred from sample code only still it is not working. Here CAN is CANFD but I am using as classic mode.I am attaching snippet of CAN part and main.c file.    


STM32WB5MMG BLE problem

I make a board using STM32WB5MMG. The I2C and SPI communications are normal, but I find a lot of problems about BLE function.After using BLE p2p server.ioc (based on stm32wb5mmg) to generate the IDE project, the Bluetooth broadcast cannot be found an...

Lep by Senior
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RTC stm32f103

Hi. I need help with RTC on STM32F103. I would like to edit the time (hours and minutes) in my RTC using a button. When I add an hour the maximum vartosc I can reach in the RTC->CNTL register is 65535 (18h20min), when this value is exceeded, the regi...