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Resolved! STM32F207VGT6

Hello everyone. I was looking for the schematic of the STM32F207VGT6 but couldn't find it. Can anyone share this if they have it? Thanks. 

haokerem by Associate II
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Resolved! VREF Wiring stm32l4

After playing around a bit and talking and googling some stuff is my vref wiring correct our should 3.3VA be removed as in some other examples

New Screen Shot Name 2023-09-09 at 20.23.06.png

STM32WB Zigbee to Raspberry Pi Xbee connection

Hi,I'm working on a project where Raspberry Pi together with Xbee s2 (if possible) will work as a coordinator. On the RPI there will be a frontend and node js backend hosted. I want to use xbee module s1 or s2, as I already have a few. For the end de...

DWuje.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! VREF Pins stm32l496ZGT6

Hello im new to embedded design in general and have a simple question for the vref pins on my stm should i directly wire vref- to ground and vref plus to my 3.3v supply or is there another way this is done?

STM32H750B-DK ADC Sample

Hello there, I am making an osciloscope I am using ADC with configuration like thisand I am triggering my ADC with 1ms TIM6 and sending this to PC where I display it I am using 240Mhz CPU Clock and my clock configuration looks like this Now everythin...

MKocj.1 by Associate II
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