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stm32L073 Flashing

I am using STM32L073RZI MCU on a custom PCB design. I am looking for a board that flashes the chip before I place it on the PCB.  I checked website and I didn't see any product to flash the chip. Is there any board to flash the firmware onto t...

oucler by Associate II
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STEVAL-ESC001V1 CAN interface

I am looking for information regarding the CAN interface on the STEVAL-ESC001v1 board. In the features of the device it lists CAN as a feature but the documentation does not provide additional information on how exactly the CAN interface can be used ...

High Current on Nucleo H745ZI-Q in Standby Mode

Hello all,I am evaluating the STM32H745 for an application which requires very low power. I am using the Nucleo H745ZI-Q for this evaluation and STM example code I downloaded. The datasheet for the STM32H745 indicates that I should expect to see a cu...

USART1 interrupt handler not called

Hello,first, I'm new to STM32 Nucleo MCUs, so if I am asking something that is well-known in documentation of Nucelo boards please advise me to correct documentation.I have a project using a STM32 L432KC that gets serial data from another MCU and sen...

lorky by Associate
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Hi , I am using STM32L072CBT6 for my project and I need USB interface. Is there any option to drive USB using HSI_RC ? Also we are using STANDBY_WITH_RTC for low power mode. Is there any way to wake up the system from low power mode using USB ?

How to use flash memory as a EEPROM in STM32G071CBT6

Hello! I'm using the STM32G071CBT6 controller for my project. I need to store certain values in EEPROM for my project, but unfortunately, this controller doesn't have built-in EEPROM functionality. Despite this limitation, I'm determined to find a so...

suriya by Associate II
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Large size FFT

Hello,I have a large sample array of 2^22 values, coming from a high speed ADC, and saved in a RAM.I need to perform a FFT on this array. No real time considerations are needed, so the operation can take a while (several seconds for example), no prob...

AntoineW by Associate
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Resolved! USB Supply needed for STM32L072CBT6

Hi , I am using STM32L072CBT6 MCU for my project. I have to use the USB pins of the controller, but in datasheet it shows the minimum preferred USB VBUS voltage is 3V. But the thing is in the same datasheet the USB VBUS voltage range is mentioned as ...