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STM32F030F4 + CubeIDE + JLink can't verify device

Hello,I have a dev board based on STM32F030F4. When I try to attach to the device using my Segger JLink Edu, I am getting a "Could not verify ST device" error.Here is the log from Cube:SEGGER J-Link GDB Server V7.88h Command Line VersionJLinkARM.dll ...

tcoin by Associate
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Resolved! Writing and reading to external NORFlash using QuadSPI on STM32H743 mcu and successfully test erase, write, and read the flash a few days ago but now only read works. What could cause the erase and write command to not fail but not work either?

A few days ago I successfully tested erasing the NORFlash as entire chip erase, block erase, and sector erase. I also was able to write a string to Flash and read the string back out of Flash into a buffer. After working on other development I came ...

PFlor.2 by Senior
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low power sleep mode in stm32

Hi, I work with low power sleep mode in stm32 and it is sleep mode works well in our programme.MCU goes sleep mode after 5 seconds and wakup for external interrupt pin to connect for MCU wake up.But I need a output for MCU sleep for 1 min without ADC...

mrsmile by Associate III
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PWM using Timer DMA

Here i am trying to generate a 24 bit PWM signal using timer 2 in STM32F401RE controller. I followed as per the steps only but still i not getting any output waveform on my logic analyzer. Please share your suggestions. void tim_init();GPIO_HANDLE pw...

DJ1 by Associate III
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Lately, I have been trying to program the UART module of the STM32F746ZG. The program didn't work at all. I tried programming the USART module as a UART. The program worked. I then noticed that the reference manual does not talk much or barely anythi...

USB behavior when VDD below 3.3V

Hello,In a chip like STM32U585CIU6Q, where the VDDUSB is internally connected to the VDD, what is the behavior of the USB circuitry if the VDD is below 3.3V (e.g., at 2V)? Will the USB just stop working without affecting other non-USB functions, or i...

EC.3 by Associate III
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