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ADC Readings Lower than Ideal

I am using an STM32L562VET6Q MCU.  I have been having issues getting a valid reading from the ADC.  The signal is essentially DC (i.e., no fast high frequency measurements) so I conservatively set the ADC sampling time to its maximum.  My reference v...


Resolved! choosing flash latency vs. VOS

Giving an example for my question. For STM32H563, for freq. 140MHz, it is possible to use three different configurations:- 4 WS, VOS2- 4 WS, VOS1- 3 WS, VOS0If I want to optimize for power, I should choose 4WS VOS2. If I want to optimize for performa...

mete by Senior
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Resolved! STM32U585 Azure IoT migrate to BG95

I'm trying to migrate my Azure IoT application from a BG96 to a BG95-M3, both from Quectel. I have solved some problem due to the difference in use of the uart3 pins of the BG96 and BG95. Should I make more modifications to the software? Is there a d...

JVica.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Real time changing AHB,APB1 Prescaler, Sampling frequency

Good evening,I am trying to sample various signals at different frequencies with adc in dma. Changing the size of the acquisition buffer seems inefficient, so I opted to change the clock prescalers, but it's giving me problems (I guess on changing th...

davidec by Associate III
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Resolved! problem using PLL as SYSCLK over 200MHz on H5

I am trying to increase FCLK, and I changed the voltage scaling to VOS0, and configured the PLL1 for 240 MHz (src=HSI (HSIDIV=2), M=2, N=30, P=2), but it did not boot (it freezes when a change the system clock mux to PLL1). I realized when I decrease...

mete by Senior
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