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It's possible to add my own piece of code to the make file? I'm asking because I've already tried to add it, but after clicking the "Build" button, my code disappears!PS - I want to add "Generate packed filesystem for serving Web UI".
Problem: The project MQTT client + HTTPD + FreeRTOS = HardFault!  (STM32F767ZI - nucleo)If only the MQTT client + FreeRTOS are used, everything works fine.If only the HTTPD + FreeRTOS are used, everything works fine.The MQTT client + FreeRTOS work fi...
Can someone tell me if there are any examples of Cortex-M7 configuration for the STM32F7xx series? I'm specifically interested in how to relocate the LwIP RAM heap pointer.   
In Keil, if you open a file with the extension .map, you can find information about starting address of stack and so on. See screen.How can I determine the starting address of the stack in CubeIDE?
What am I doing wrong?Why is PWM don't work on the STM32F767ZI? RCC->APB2ENR |= 1; // Enable clock for TIM1 on APB2. RCC->AHB1ENR |= RCC_AHB1ENR_GPIOEEN; // Enable clock for GPIOE port on AHB1. GPIOE->MODER &= ~(1 << 18); // Clear/reset PE9 mode. GP...
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