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STM32 for motor control, dual core MCUs?

Hello,I am looking for a solution for motor control that covers 2 applications, 1) controlling a BLDC for both spinning at constant speeds as well as stable positioning mode, and 2) driving a stepper. (sharing some hardware & software design between ...

SKled.1 by Senior II
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STM32G474 failed to erase chip.

I use J-Link and STM32G474, which can burn the program, but can't erase the chip. After trying to use J-Link STM to unlock the chip, it also did not work Application log started - J-Flash V7.92b (J-Flash compiled Aug 23 2023 14:00:43) - JLinkARM.dl...

kerry1 by Associate
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HAL + FreeRTOS + FatFS Bug

Hi,We have come across a bug in the code generated if you use FreeRTOS in STATIC memory mode (rather than the default dynamic mode) , with FatFs. (All generated from the CubeMX).When we run the code we get two CONFIG ASSERTS in the RTOS and it is due...

Problem reading NAND Flash ID with STM32H725

Hello all,we have built a board with an STM32H725. The FMC-Interface is used for a PSRAM connection to an FPGA and a connection to a NAND flash with 8 Bit databus.The initialization routines are created by STM32CubeMX. The PSRAM interface to the FPGA...

NorbertB by Associate
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Resolved! STM32U595 used PA11 and PA12 as gpio

I used PA11 and PA12 as standard GPIO in STM32U595ZJT6Q and system frequency is 4MHz. Config PA11 and PA12 to PP output mode ,no pull up.Don't set this gpios to high, the mini system current is 3mA,but set this gpios to high, the current is 22mA.Test...

Sunwaz by Associate III
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