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STM32 Cannot Enter STANDBY After Debugging

I'm using an STM32G473 on a custom board. The board is connected to battery pack and once assembled the MCU is permanently connected to 3V3. We're using STANDBY to put the MCU in a low power consumption state while the system is turned off. My proble...

Resolved! Can I use VOS0 for low clock speeds?

I'm working on an application that requires a very fast UART speed. The STM32H7 allows a UART speed of 17 Mbps, which is just barely enough, but should work. However, other than the fast UART speed, I don't need to do a lot of processing. I would hav...

Resolved! problem with UART receiving - IDLE low all time

Hi,I'm developing STM32G031 UARTs using registers and the CMSIS library. I’m using NUCLEO-G031K8 UART2 over an embedded STLINK/V3 on board and UART1 over an external CP210x UAR/USB adapter.  I have a problem receiving data to UART1. No problem to rec...

Resolved! STM32G030 burns itself when power up

I soldered a stm32g030F6P6 on ssop-to-beadboard PCB. When I connect Vdd(pin4) to 3V, Vss(pin5) to ground it will over current and burn it self (about 200mA input current). I have burnt 3 of it.I find out that the input resistance of power rail is sup...


Resolved! Complementary PWM output generation with DMA

Hello Team,I'm working with complementary pwm generation with DMA, but I'm not able to generate the complementary output, but it is working fine with without DMA, please provide me the solution to proceed further.  Please find my attached source code...

STM32U5 low power audio with I2S

Hello,I'm looking into the STM32U5 for an audio application.I have a microphone that works with I2S and I want to use it with the STM32U5 in a power efficient way.I've seen that the SAI peripheral can with with I2S but it can't stay on during STOP mo...

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Resolved! Solution to avoid immediate TIM IRQ in CMSIS.

Hi,I 'm trying to code TIM to count 5s for me using CMSIS. Using the code snippet provided below I got IRQ immediately.RCC->APBENR2 |= RCC_APBENR2_TIM16EN ; // Enable TIM16 clock TIM16->PSC = 16000 - 1 ; // 1 ms TIM16->ARR = 10000 - 1 ; // 10 s = 100...