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STM32 with usb HUB and multiple STM32 devices

Hi,I been trying to set up a stm32F405 mcu usb host with a hub onto which 4x stm32 device is connected. I would use these 4 devices to send data to the main mcu periodicaly at 50Hz, and to have the data transfer syncronised from the 4 devices to be o...

RBacs.1 by Associate II
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MCU is reset when wake up from standby-dstandby

We are working with STM32H7-Disco (Dual Core). Can we only wakeup M4 core and put the system in dstandby1 mode.I mean, if we are in Standby mode and we use a tamper interrupt from a button, our system reset M7 core and M4 core, but we want only wakeu...

CBraojos by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32h747-disco BSP problems

Hello;I have the STM32H747I-DISCO card CPN: STM32H747I-DISCO, FG: DK32H747/SAT1, and on the MB1166-A03 screen A225300631. The problem is when I try to test the card with the BSP example, I encounter the following problem:I saw in the forums regarding...

Kfell.1 by Associate III
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STM32H7 FreeRTOS tutorial

Hi , I m a student starting to learn STM32 for your final year project i would like to learn more about how to use FreeRTOS, using STM32CUBEIDE GUI to configure FreeRTOS and if anyone can advise any website, code , tutorial I can learn from? thx.