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STM32G051 ADC Calibration issue

Hi I am using the STM23G051C8T6 for the internal RTC and an external battery on Vbat. I noticed if I perform the Calibration using the following lineHAL_ADCEx_Calibration_Start(&hadc1);my initial ADC reading will be lower then actual reading. For exa...

KDham.1 by Associate II
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I'm out before I even really got started...

Hopefully someone at STE cares enough to take this honest feedback on board...My project had to move from atmel to something with more performance.  I settled on STM32.The experience has been terrible due to sub-optimal documentation from STE, relyin...

Is HAL_I2C_GetState() required in polling IO mode?

I am using the HAL library with an STM32L07xx processor. To keep things simple, I have implemented master transfers on the I2C bus in the polling IO mode. Most of the time it seems to work, however once in a while a master transmit seems to get lost....

DavePfz by Associate II
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Resolved! Generated PWM resolution

Hi,I am new to STM32 devices. I have a STM32F407 Discovery 1 board.I wanted to generate a 1 KHZ signal with a 50% duty cycle.The timer clock is configured to 84 MHZI am using TIM3 on channel 4. The prescaler is 210 and the counter period is 400 =>840...

2.png 1.png PXL_20231013_173821654.jpg
BAW by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32L4 FreeRTOS vs Bare metal performance

Hi, I have an STM32L4x6 processor.I'm reading data using ADC and DMA, and after the HAL_ADC_ConvCpltCallback, I process the data with a Fast Fourier Transform. Originally, in bare-metal, I had a flag in the main loop, and when the interrupt occurred,...

lorant124 by Associate III
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STM32F4: SD Card as the USB Mass Storage Drive

Posted on December 15, 2014 at 22:02I'm working on a project that has an on-board SD card and a USB port. I'd like to figure out how to connect the SD card to the USB as a mass storage device. Does anyone have any experience doing this and can provi...

rory by Associate
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TIM1_CH2 breaks down

Hi ST Team,We have an issue concerning a PWM generation.We have a MCU : STM32F303 driving directly the LM25101 driver from Texas instrument with no limiting resistor or other protection on it.The PWM drives two mosfet legs with 2 mosfet configured as...

etour.1 by Associate II
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