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Resolved! Strange USB Behaviors

Greetings, Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place.  Maybe someone can point to the correct forum for me.Problem: USB HID 04 Joystick intermittently sends incorrect 12-bit analog data.Micro: STM32F103R8T6Details: A 1/2 Hz signal applied to analog in...

Loren by Associate III
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STM32H743 Vrefint value is always read as 0xFFFF

Hello to everyone,I have encountered a problem trying to work with ADC data on STM32H743 chip. When I read VREFINT value (19th ADC input channel) I always see 0xFFFF. Data on other channels look slightly more adequate (at least they are changed depen...

OIrin.1 by Associate II
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Please use B&W text in documentation

In some newer STM32 documents, such as ES0418, text is rendered in various tints of blue. This results in decreased readability and problems when printing.Can ST please constrain fancy color schemes to marketing material, and use conservative black-o...

Resolved! Advice, please, how to view the function call tree and the contents of the MCU stack using STM32Cubeide. After the program crashes in debug the program loops in Hard_Fault_Handler () and it is not clear what cause such event.

What ability to view the contents of the call stack in CubeIDE is present?, i.e. what functions were called before the crash, preferably in the form of a tree

olezhandr by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32L5 System View Description

The system view description files for H5 and U5 are on the website, but it is not for L5 ( Where can I find it ?

mete by Senior
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PWM generation TIM1 CH1N

I am trying to generate a regular PWM signal using TIM1 CH1N on the STM32-F411RE (pin PA7). I've seen a few posts on generating PWM using the advanced timers but nothing has seemed to work. The code below is the automatically generated code called in...

ctd962 by Associate
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STM32F405 GPIO pin

As shown above picture, I got my STM32F405 configured as open drain to drive the led that is connected.Also, the same pin connected to via hex inverted (74HCS04D) to invert it and connected to OR gate. But when the GPIO pin in reset (low) state volta...

cjaya.2 by Associate II
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