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Resolved! Weird Jitter when using DMA to generate PWM in GPIOs

So i was trying to generate pwm on all gpio pins of a stm32F103 for my application. I found followed this guide: the essence is using the function:      ...

Okbit_0-1702369391874.png Okbit_1-1702369391855.png Okbit_2-1702369391867.png
Okbit by Associate II
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Resolved! Configure ADC sampling frequency STM32H723ZG

Hi All,I am using a STM32H723ZG Nucleo board. I am using the ADC in 8-bit mode. The clock is set to 96 MHz, and according to the application note it should use 6 cycles to sample and convert which would result in 16 Msps, but it seems to be between 8...

elso by Associate III
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Resolved! can bus ack signal

I want to scan (acquire) data from a vehicle can bus.1. Is it possible to prevent the ACK bit from occurring in CAN communication in the MCU?2. If I set the ID to receive all data, won't an ack occur?

YPark.5 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H747 ADC Channels

I’m wondering which if these microcontrollers (STM32H7) has the most ADC Channels.I think the maximum is 36 but I want to know the specific model of MCU that this is, if anyone knows please tell me.I would also like to know if this is still a 16bit r...

MiltonR by Associate
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Resolved! Handling of more than one external stldr loaders

Hi guys,so we have a more complex board and I wondered if it is somehow possible to use more than one external loaders with the CubeProgrammer software on the command line.So in general we are capable of writing these loaders and have several already...

Disabling JTAG

What are the different ways of disabling the JTAG in STM32G4 series? Is Direct Register Programming an option? 

Tushar_4 by Associate II
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