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Resolved! ADC making code not upload correctly

Hi, I'm programming an STM32F030C8T6 MCU. When I attempt to upload my code, it gives me an error: "Could not halt device (19)". I noticed that this only happens when ADC is enabled from CubeMX. When I disable it, everything works fine. The code doesn...

JS8 by Senior
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STM32H723 BOOT0 and RESET control over UART!

Hi All, I managed to be able to bootload the STM32H723 device using the STM32 Flash Loader (STBootLib) but do not like how I have to pull BOOT0 high and also reset the device right before I program the device and then when the boatloading is done res...

ENort.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Launching the application from CubeIde vs autonomously

Hello,I wonder if someone has knowledge about any difference in how variables are initialized and handled when launching an application from CubeIde vs starting up the MCU.My case: I use a STM32H7 and the application runs regularly when I launch it f...

SSorr.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F103 CAN filter range of ID's

Hello, I have a set of extended CAN ID's I need to pas the bxCAN filter. I looked at some examples where one ID is passed the filter, but could not figure out how to allow a set of ID's. If my understanding is correct the mask is used to determine wh...

Smdeint by Associate III
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Handling ECCD error during flash read on stm32l4

Posted on October 09, 2016 at 20:03Hello,I'm building an application with ST STM32L4 that stores information on internal flash (ECC flash on L4). The information is valuable, so the flash programming must be robust to unexpected shut downs including...

seutpxle by Associate
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Resolved! Short question regarding the contact drillings

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Could you communicate in a short way the size of the contact drill-holes (stm32f411 - CEU) ?The diameter in AWG size would be enough.We also are interested in further documentation-links regarding it. In student wor...

timbo2023 by Associate III
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How does FDCAN time stamping work exactly on the STM32H7 ?

The FDCAN module generates timestamps for sent and received messages, and you can configure it to use TIM3 as the source. Unfortunately, the documentation is rather thin, so I am left with a few questions:Do TIM3 and FDCAN need to run from the same c...

K M by Associate II
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