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Resolved! F411 Nucleo Board ADC Issues

I tried to use ADC in F411 to read two ADC inputs.My hardware is a F411-Nucleo board; my IDE is CubeIDE.The followings are my ADC settings in IDE:                                 I use 2 channels in ADC1 (IN1, IN4)I also use DMA to obtain ADC results...

Setting_1.PNG Setting_2.PNG Setting_3.PNG
HDaji.1 by Senior
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Resolved! enter/exit STOP mode with one GPIO pin

Hello everybody,I want to use the STM32F042G6U6 MCU with one button on PA6 pin if I press the button it should toggle between STOP mode and run. Is this possible at all?How can I do this? I was able to enter STOP mode or exit from it but I cant toggl...

DMA to BSRR Transfer - single signal error

Hello! I am using the STM32F446RE Nucleo Board and succeeded in sending a signal chain via DMA to the GPIO Bank B, i.e. the BSRR register.  The DMA trigger works very fine. However, one of the 8 signals is missing/not generated/skipped... This is whe...

Resolved! STM32F4 - Timer - Max Frequency External Clock Source ETR

Hi,We have a custom firmware running in an STM32F427, and I'd like to find out what the highest frequency supported on a timer with an external clock source using ETR function.Based on AN4776, I can use a prescaler function (ETR) to read clock freque...

RNJ by Associate II
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Resolved! Help choosing the best external RAM for STM32H723

Hi all!I am making a PCB with STM32H723, and have chosen this MCU due to its greats specs and versatility. However I would like to add at least 4Mbit (0.5MB) of RAM, either as SDRAM, SRAM or PSRAM etc. using the FMC (Flexible memory controller). Howe...

elso by Associate III
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Resolved! CAN ExtID filter for exactly two IDs

Dear Community, even after reading what feels like 100 posts, I still can't manage to set the filter so that exclusively 2 IDs are let through.I use the extendet ID, 1 Byte IDs and have managed to let exactly one ID through with the MASK_MODE, as you...

Anno by Associate II
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STM FreeRTOS micro, nano second delay

I m using FreeRTOS functions and discovered that the osDelay could only works on mini second, anyway to perform at micro second and nano second delay? If i create a micro second delay using timer TIM1 will that satisfy real-time prerequisite? Anyone ...

Resolved! Unexpected COMP1 behavior on STM32H723

Hello,I need to detect input when it goes over REF/2 (1.65V). I do supply VREF+ pin with 3.3000V.My signal has offset of 1.2V, and it will go over 2V when I apply signal to it.Everything is working, but it has unexpected behavior. I can only use nega...

Linas L by Senior II
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