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Resolved! PB6 not working when debugging

I am using PB6 as a GPIO input with a pull-up for monitoring a switch to ground.  It works properly when not debugging but has some kind of signal on it when debugging that prevents proper operation.  Note: I am using the STLINK-V3SET debugger.Is the...

Resolved! RTC timed wakeup from STANDBY v STOP0

Hello,I ran the STM32CubeU5\Projects\NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q\Examples_LL\RTC\RTC_ExitStandbyWithWakeUpTimer_Init application, which worked as described in its After changing the low power mode from STANDBY to STOP0, the RTC interrupt no longer fir...

EC.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! dual SDRAMS

Hi,I am using a STM32H743BIT6., I am trying to access two SDRAM  part-number(IS42S16320D-7TL)problem:both the DRAMS are wring the same data at the same time, so instead of having access to a 32 bit i am getting access to 16bithelp will be apricatedTh...

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STM32F103 and Encoder Mode

Dear communityI develop a 'robot" with odometrie.Each geared DC motor have a rotary magnetic encoder for speed regulation.My question is about avoid count overload.I use a timer for read encoder count. Each interrupt, i print the value.My aim is avoi...

jlecl.1 by Associate III
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SDMMC1 get stuck in SD_SendSDStatus

Hi,I am implementing micro-sd card with STM32H573RI using SDMMC1 interface. I am using HSE clock with input frequency 25MHz and the system clock is running at 250 MHz. SDMMC1 clock mux is sourced by PLL1Q(25MHz).All the SD card initial commands in th...

PB S.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Writing data in flash STM32F103

Hi amazing community. I would like to write some data in the flash memory of the following mcu STM32F103I know there are some dedicated pages for such purpose.How can I guarantee or understand that the future code that i will develop and it will be s...

SGasp.1 by Senior
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Resolved! slave spi on stm32f4 receives incorrect data

I have an jetson xavier driving STM32F407G-DISC1 on SPI1 default pins : PA4/5/6/7 .The SPI_FLAG_RXNE flag behaviour is very strange, resulting in wrong values being received.Config used:/* SPI1 parameter configuration*/hspi1.Instance =         SPI1;h...

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deep by Associate II
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STM32H750 LVGL Display Issues

Hi Support    I'm running a LVGL demo,set the framebuffer address  at extern SDRAM  address 0xC0000000    "pLayerCfg.FBStartAdress = ((uint32_t)0xC0000000);"     lvgl need  a work mem for dynamically allocated data     when assign the  work mem on IR...

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