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My microcontroller getting shorted while powering up.

While powering up all of my Microcontrollers were getting shorted, checked the voltages of all the capacitors and the MCU has a dedicated power line . And checked the ripple and initial power up data,everything is fine only. But still the MCU getting...

Bosss by Associate II
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USBPD with STM32G0B1 doesn´t work

Hi, I´m trying to get a STM32G0B1 running with USBPD and a higher PDO voltage (20V). Therefore I followed the instructions in chapter 9 of STM32StepByStep:Getting started with USB-Power Delivery Sink - stm32mcuUnfortunately the user_services don´t co...

AWack by Associate III
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Resolved! DMA on STM32G473 always generates transfer error

Hi, Iam using a STM32G473 controller and want to do the following:I want to output an analog curve, stored in a RAM buffer.Timer6 is the timebase for transfering the the data from RAM buffer to DAC via DMA.So I selected the DAC as trigger source for ...

Moritz1 by Associate III
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Looking for Libraries

Hello, i'm looking for stm32 libraries for the board STM32G071RB.In particular i'm trying to da many schetch using the device that i'm used before with Arduino Ide with the board ARDUINOUNO or ARDUINONANO .Devices LCD i2c , module HC05 for IOT gas se...

Paul2014 by Associate
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Why RTC always count twice 00:00:00?

Hi guys:I initialed the RTC of STM32F103C8T6 by cubeMx and enabled the RTC global interrupt.  void HAL_RTCEx_RTCEventCallback(RTC_HandleTypeDef *hrtc) /* second callback */ { RTC_DateTypeDef rtcDate; RTC_TimeTypeDef rtcTime; HAL_RTC_Ge...

Junde by Senior
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Recommended course of action for Unused pin of STM32 MCU

Dear ST Community membersI am currently designing a PCB and utilizing the STM32G473VET6 MCU. I have noticed that there are several unused pins. Should I leave these pins unconnected or is there a recommended course of action for dealing with them?tha...

Neeraj by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H735 ADC DMA Ethernet memory issue

HiI have implemented ADC1 on a DMA and verified its operation. I then implemented the ethernet stack and verified that it can be pinged. The issue I'm having is that the ADC DMA stops working once the ethernet stack is implemented. I believe the erro...