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Differences between Revisions of STM32F205

Hello,There are 8 revisions of the STM32F205: 'Y', 'X', '1', 'V', '2', '3', '4' and '5'.The silicon errata shows the status of support for all revisions, with no mention of individual revisions.Does this mean that all revisions are the same?Is it cor...

YYama.4 by Associate
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Resolved! Flash erase blocking GPIO updates

I am testing doing flash erase while running code from internal SRAM on a STM32F072B Discovery Board. Having initializing everything with code running in flash, I call a function where itself and all its dependencies exist in RAM. I've verified this ...

link87 by Associate II
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Receving a string from terminal via UART

Hey, I would like to a string from terminal via UART in order to complete a challange given by Digi-Key YouTube channel in FreeRTOS tutorial playlist. Anyway, I want to take the whole string given by user in terminal, but I couldn't so far. I tried  ...

Resolved! Cannot read ID from external flash (OSPI1) on STM32H735-DK

Hello all, I was trying to follow the example in MOOC - STM32H72x/3x hands-on workshop - 6 Code execution from external FLASHI have configured the OSPI as per the board requirements in CubeMX. But the `OSPI_Init()` function fails while trying to read...

NRedd.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Can not set up PWM for a different Pin than PA5

Hey,after trying to setup a different PIN for example: PC0 for PWM I just can not get it to work.But this sample code works only for PA5:  #include "stm32f3xx.h" int main(void) { RCC->AHBENR |= RCC_AHBENR_GPIOAEN; RCC->APB1ENR |= RCC_APB1ENR_TIM2E...

Resolved! Failed to Initialise Ethernet in STM32H7

Hello,We are developing an industrial application based on STM32H7 (STM32H723ZGTx) and we are using NXP "TJA1101B" for PHY.It is connected to STM32H7 using RMII interface. We took hardware reference from "TJA1100 Customer Evaluation Board" schematic....

NOza.2 by Associate II
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SDIO 4 bit mode with STM32CubeMX

I would like to use SDIO with 4 bit mode with FatFS. I use STM32F429I Discovery board and I wired a micro SD card board to it. The SD card is a 16 GB SanDisk Ultra A1 card formatted to FAT32.This is the micro SD card board:

djhtml by Associate II
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STM32WB Fast Programming with FSTPG

Greetings,We are adding an OTA procedure to our firmware that depends on a small loader at the start of flash which is responsible for programming the main application written to program flash at a higher address.  The procedure works fine as it is, ...