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256 MB support on STM323F411

Hello,I am following up on this question as it is still not solved.We are not able to support 256MB SD CARD. Please see below.We are using stm32F411RE discovery kit. The code was generated with the cubeMX4.25. This code is supporting 4GB and 16GB SDH...

AShar.8 by Associate
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Busy bus after I2C reading?

Hello, I try to interface with mlx90640 sensor via I2C. The MCU is STM32F401REAfter reading the bus stays busy. I use LL functions:int MLX90640_I2CRead(uint8_t slave_address, uint16_t start_address, uint16_t numb_words, uint16_t *data) {   uint16_...

DMako by Associate
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What is Address 0xE00FFxxx?

Hi,​I am studying SWD and I hooked up a Logic Analyzer to see the data sent over the SWD wires. The board that I use is Nucleo 64 with STM32F030. First, ST-Link requested a Debug Base Adress and target board returned 0xE00FF003 (BASE is 0xE00FF000). ...

IYah by Associate II
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FreeRTOS or CMSIS RTOS in CubeMX???

Posted on June 12, 2018 at 09:14Dear friends,in CubeMX, when it is required to use an RTOS in the project, in the configuration tab there are options for both FreeRTOS and CMSIS  RTOS and you have to config both of them but there are no options to c...

Mujtaba by Senior
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STM32F429 peripheral screen

I'm trying to write to the on-board peripheral screen of the STM32F429I board, but haven't found a working example: I tried following along some examples online and in the project directory, but they all reference functions like "HAL_Init()" or "BSP_...