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I am using ADC regular simultaneous mode with stm32f427It works nice with the pulse signal is comming after dma start(HAL_ADCEx_MultiModeStart_DMA)but if the signal is comming before calling ADC dma start code it going to infinityhow to solve this?i ...
I've used triple regular simultaneous mode only before(stm32f427zgt6)but now i try this with updated cube mx version, i cannot find itIs it deleted? so now i am trying combined regular simultaneious but it is no 
i got read write erase with qspi flash and i got memory map reading wellbut can i just write buffer about 0x9000 0000 address for flash writing?
My board is now on brickI dont know why this happen but i want operate system boot loaderBut i can not find that pin on my board where can i find that resister?
Hi i'm trying tcp server with stm32f427 which combined LAN8720A phy chipI got a problem with this codeHAL_StatusTypeDef HAL_ETH_Init(ETH_HandleTypeDef *heth) { uint32_t tickstart;   if (heth == NULL) { return HAL_ERROR; } if (heth->gSta...
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