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Custom HID Help

Hi there,I am looking to design a custom HID device using STM32CubeMX and TrueSTUDIO on a STM32F411E-Disco board. However, i can't find any good examples online for custom devices and how to get one working. I was wondering if anyone could point me i...

KDuff.14 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32L4: Strange beheviour SPI rx and DMA

Hallo. I'm using SPI and DMA on a STM32L433, to receive data from an external board, and I would like that an interrupt was fired at reception of the 4th byte.I've set the SPI3 (that is in slave receive only mode because I'm using MISO pin for other ...

Does UART4 configured as UART_MODE_RX work?

I have STM32F765, did the configuration in CubeMX.I did try to receive with:uint8_t testData[10] = {0,}; HAL_StatusTypeDef status = 0; status = HAL_UART_Receive(&huart4, testData, 5, 2000);This did not work, status was HAL_TIMEOUT(I did try Receive_I...

Ba5tian by Associate II
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ADC Scan Conversion Mode + DMA with Cache Issue

Hi,I used  ADC Scan Conversion Mode + DMA  to read the values from 7 channels of ADC1.But the adc reading values are not correct when I enable the cache./* Enable I-Cache-------------------------------------------------------------*/// SCB_EnableICac...

IEEE1588 AN3411

Hi,Is it possible to find a source for project code that is mentioned in the note AN3411? I am looking at the details of lwip and ptp stacks. I working on using IEEE1588 capabilities in my project.Thanks

LHuch by Associate
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STM32L433 PH3/BOOT0 doesn't work as input

Hi all,I am using an stm32l433rct6 (tqfp64 package) in a project and am trying to reconfigure the boot0/PH3 pin for input, but this doesn't seem to work. I can configure the pin as output, which works fine. But when configuring for input, the pin alw...

ArminT by Associate
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2 framebuffers in 2 different banks of external SDRAM

Im using STM32F746GDISCO board and on-board SDRAM.I configured sdram initialization at startup and modify the linker file accordingly. I have 2 framebuffers located at 0xC0000000 and 0xC0400000 because ST recommends to use 2 banks for 2 framebufers....

N ORhan by Associate III
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stm32f4 interface with ksz8863

Posted on March 06, 2018 at 11:13I have interface stm32f4 with ksz8863 using both the interface MDIO and SPI.(One at a time).I am able to read/write ksz8863 register but my link status is not getting ready.what could be the reason?regards,VR

vrund by Associate II
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