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SD Card SDIO not working(FR_DISK_ERR)

I have a custom board and I have to run an SD card on it using SDIO protocol however on f_mount() function it takes a long time to come out with error FR_DISK_ERR but when I call "HAL_SD_GetCardInfo(&hsd, &sdCardSpace)" then I am getting all the data...

fs by Associate
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Resolved! Octal SPI Interface

Hello Team,We are considering STM32H562ZIT3QTR MCU for our design. There will be two Microcontroller in our design.MCU consists of one Octal SPI Interface. Can other Microcontroller be interface with STM32H562ZIT3QTR through Octal SPI or we can only ...

kadam by Associate II
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SMT32F407VGT6 / CAN issue

主控板 (SMT32F407VGT6)与同服板 (STM32F407VGT6) 之间的CAN通讯,环境温度低于-10度,通讯不正常,环境温度高过-10度!

JACK00 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F103: Intended behaviour of HAL_ADC_Start_DMA

I have a program where I am trying to scan over 8 ADC channels on ADC1, take 10 samples from each and transfer to the DMA. From everything I have read, I cannot enable DMA Continuous Conversion on STM32F103, so I will need to use discontinuous scan m...

WTetl.2 by Associate II
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