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Resolved! About libraries and SDKs

We are developing using the following development environment. Are there any libraries or SDKs that we can use?Also, Is HAL or LL a library? [IDE] STM32CubeIDE 1.14.0[MCU] STM32F412VGT6

The STM32H562RG USB interrupt does not work.

The STM32H562RG USB interrupt does not work.Also, using the library on the Nucleo-H503RB results in a memory error. We verified the other chips work fine, but the H562RG has a problem with the USB interrupt not working.

sunmk97 by Associate
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STM32 USB C to UART communication

Hello, I am making a development board where I want to use STM32 and USB C connector for power supply to the STM and also for UART communication with the PC. What are the best solutions for this? I looked into using FTDI chip but they are quite expen...

PPopo.1 by Senior
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Resolved! STM32U5A Wake-UP from stop mode 3

Hello all, I am using the STM32U5A5QJ in a project and I had a question about some of the wake-up modes. I would like the microcontroller to be in stop mode 3 most of the time until it receives an interrupt from a sensor to return to normal mode. The...

How to detect if usb connection is established

Hey. I'm trying to use my H7's usb interface and i've currently set it up as a cdc device.What i'm trying to implement though is the following. The stm is supposed to create a virtual connection with either a python app or a tera term terminal.Is the...

Resolved! NUCLEO-F429 ADC DMA

Hi,I am currently using NUCLEO-F429 for prototyping a medical product.I am facing an issue while configuring ADC DMA as shown in attached image.the address of DMABuff going in DMA register is different to the actual adress, hence i am not able to get...

RAMECC with Dcache

I am working on a Nucleo-H753ZI board looking at RAMECC.My code is based on the example at am using debug to watch the status of ...

KevinG by Associate II
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