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stm32h5 Flash Dual Bank + EEPROM emulation

Hello everyone,I intend to migrate an LPC development to the new stm32h5 family, I find the versatility that its flash offers very interesting. Being able to separate a set of memory into two blocks to run the main program without the need for an IAP...

VictorGJ by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H747-DISCO SPI problems

Using the STM32H747I-DISCO, I am having problems getting SPI working at all.I am using SPI5, to allow connecting an X-NUCLEO-NFC08A1 directly via the Arduino headers.I do not see any data on the SCK line and HAL_SPI_Transmit() always fails.Looking in...

Resolved! Set ROP 1 from code without POR

Hello everyone,we are developing a product using STM32F413.We got a new requirement, that the chip needs to activate ROP level 1. We want to do this from firmware code, if possible.I noticed that after flashing my firmware and running the code that a...

Flint by Associate II
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Resolved! Unable to receive data over UART3

Hi,I have the following board : NUCLEO-F429ZIThe datasheet says that UART3 is the STLINK UART that can be used over USB.I configured this UART but when I try to receive anything from the terminal that is connected to the UART com port, I don't see th...

smaiti by Associate III
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Resolved! high speed fdcan stm32g431

Hi, i'm dealing with fdcan and have problems with high speeds, 1Mbps works good, but 8Mbps (which works in loopback mode) doesn't, I tried with delay compensation, but didn't work, or maybe i used it wrong way? static void MX_FDCAN1_Init(void){ /* US...

Tomuello by Associate II
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Hi,I will be using STM32H747XI with a MIPI or RGB-24bit display and design screens using touchGFX. My question is does it support OTA  via QSPI flash storage as the Arduino framework has support for the OTA does the Cube IDE support it or can I use A...

Basit009 by Associate
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Resolved! CAN bus doesn't work in loopback mode

  Hi I followed this yt-guide for CAN-bus I'm however using a different type of nucleo board (L433RC-P in my case and F103C8tx in the video) and a different type of CAN-transceiver (MCP2561T-E/SN vs...

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Mr4 by Associate III
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Resolved! OTP -Memory Location

hi,i couldn't chase which location address allotted for OTP memory ?.As per data sheet of MCU - Stm32f401ccu6– 512 bytes of OTP memory allotted . Can anyone please detail me OTP location Start Address - End Address 

MMARI.1 by Senior
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