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STM32F030RC - I2C2 Not working

Hello, I am using STM32F030RC and I have connected ST's EEPROM IC M24M01-RMN6P over I2C interface on I2C2. I have following configuration on STM32CubeMx - I have selected PA12 -I2C2 SDA and PA11 - I2C2 SCL pin configurations.I am using 4.7 K resist...

OInam by Associate II
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SSI Protocol under STM32

Hello,Here is the file of Encoder which uses SSI protocol for its communication. I have run this encoder with SPI and its interrupt in STM32 but I have some problems that I will be thankful if you could help me.1) I want to know would it be possible ...

parisa by Senior
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Sectioning STM32f779II Flash Memory Layout

Hello,I'm trying to allocate 768KB For the Flash for the user program. at address 0x08000000 And also save constant data starting from address 0x08100000  consuming 1024 K bytesNow from my understanding I should have free space for example sector 10,...

Resolved! How to edit USART BAUDRATE using only register header file?

Hello everyone.I am trying to edit the baudrate using register header file without using HAL. I am working with STM32L4R5ZI and IAR complier.I found these lines in the header files but don't know how to use them./****************** Bit definition fo...

KHuyn by Associate II
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How can i bit bang I2c and SPI?

I need to bit bang I2c and SPI, I have tried to look for application notes but couldnt find! could some one help me with this information or provide me some insights!

Apill by Senior
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