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sprintf causes hard fault.

I use "sprintf (string,"comment"); everywhere now for some reason, I am getting a hardfault. in an innocuous print.length += sprintf(String + length, "Received Packet from ");length is only 15.String is declared as char String[256];I guess it is us...

Where does my const array go? (memory type?)

So, if we have a large amount of hard coded data we want to incorporate into my program, my presumption was that a const array would allow the compiler to treat the data more like code, than data, in terms of cost against your CPU limits.This was alm...

Power pins of STM32F103RDT6

 Hi,I am using STM32F103RDT6. Kindly suggest me LDO for convert 5 to 3.3V and details regarding decaps values for the all supply line of STM32.

Mom.1 by Associate II
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Why do I miss a missing sample from time to time?

Hello,I need to sample 2 signals simultaneously at a rate close to 1MSPS on 16 bits.On a Nucleo-H743ZI2 board, I thus configured ADC 1 and 2 in Dual regular simultaneous mode, 1.5 Cycle between sampling phases, only one single conversion on each ADC....

JLojo by Associate III
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How to send data from cloud to STM32L475 device?

I'm using STM32L475 board. I'm able to send data from the device to the cloud (IBM Watson), but I do not know how to send some message from the cloud to the board (e.g. to change the state of a led). Do you know an easy way to do it?

PKubi.1 by Associate
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