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Resolved! how do i program STM32C031G4U6 using stlinkv3minie

i have 3 STM32C031G4U6 microcontroller i bought from digikey. no matter what i do i can not program them. i tried a cheap stlink v2 clone as well as stlinkv3minie. i have the swdio, swclk and nrst connected to the microcontroller. no matter what i do...

oyalç.1 by Associate III
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Happy 2024 !

To our valued community around the world, our warmest wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! Top 3 Contributors and superusers during 2023 for the last 6 months and the new community @TDK with 326 solutions@Tesla DeLorean 151 solution...

STOne-32 by ST Employee
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Resolved! STM32U575 FW update over USB Type-C

Hello.For my project I'd like an option to update firmware on my STM32U575 over USB Type-C connector either with the computer or with the USB flash drive.Details:Board I'm developing has its own power, no power needed from USB. When connected to the ...

ATroš.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Can RCC_LSCO be pulled to ground without issue?

Hello,We have the RCC_LSCO of the U5 connected to a peripheral that warns that it will pull this line to ground when the peripheral itself is reset. At the moment, the pull strength of this peripheral is unknown, but let's say it's fairly strong.Does...

EC.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! Flash sector erase is taking too long

Hi all i'm developing a bootloader on a stm32f407. I want to erase all the flash sectors except of the first 3 which i have the bootloader code. The problem is that to erase a sector it takes 1 second and i have an external watchdog on the board tha...

td by Associate II
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Sending messages using SPI peripherals - stm32f746zg

Hi, I'm using stm32f746zg board, and I need to send message from spi1(full duplex master ) peripheral to spi2( full duplex slave) peripheral (on the same board) and then back to spi1. Also i want to use interrupts/DMA.1) If the message length is unkn...

Jordalic by Associate II
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Resolved! CAN learning

I'm interested in learning about CAN. Please suggest me any course or other tutorials to start learning

jsw2000 by Associate II
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