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STM32H7 SPI Slave Dynamic Message Length

Hi,I'm using SPI to communicate between two micros - one F103 (master) and one H750 (slave). The data communicated will be vastly different in purpose and size (e.g. from simple requests to firmware image download) and so the designed protocol necess...

Help with integrating tinyusb in STM32CubeIDE

Hello,I have problems with building the cdc_msc example on STM32CubeIDE. My board is STM32F411 blackpill.I have followed the instructions in but get errors when building.Below I will link my entire p...

LLope.31 by Associate II
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Bootloader entry on STM32G07x

Hi all, I'm experiencing a strange issue where every once in a while I am unable to enter bootloader on the STM32G0. I have the option bits set correctly and have a hardware push button connected to both nRst and Boot0. I can normally hold the Boot0 ...

Konami by Senior
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Optimizing FIR Filter Multiply Accumulate

Hello,I am trying to optimize a function for a basic FIR filter on a STM32H743. This is the function:inline float_t FIRFilter(const float_t* inputBuffer, const float_t* firData, const uint16_t size, const uint16_t currentBufferIndex) { float_t outpu...

JP_ama by Associate III
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STM32G491VET6 not "leaving" dfu-util

Hello,I am using dfu-util (v0.11) to update the firmware on my board.It updates correctly, but I get a LIBUSB_ERROR_PIPE error during the "leave".Looking at it with a USB analyzer, a stall is occurring during the GET_STATUS that executes the leave re...

MButsch by Associate II
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Hi,We are starting a LoRaWAN project here at the company and we are going to use the LSM110A module that has the STM32WLE5CC.I would like to know if you have a LoRaWAN stack for this ARM processor (STM32WLE5CC), or a video demonstrating how to start ...


Hi Team  we need CMRT_6.31, could you provide it to me?email: