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Resolved! STM32H743 FMC LCD (SSD1963)

HiI have a question for my colleagues who use FMC to communicate with LCD. I am using CoreH7XXI with 743. The display does not respond to the data I send to it. I used Core4X9I with 429 before and everything worked. My question is whether I need to s...

usb otg dual role selection from cube mx

Hello, I am using STM32L4 series controller. I want to use USB OTG in dual mode where I want to run USB device and Host on same application. facing an issue when I select USB_OTG_FS as OTG/Dual_Role_device using cubemx tool then in middleware USB_HOS...

Hardik P by Associate
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I am using nucleo491re MCU  to communicate with tca9537 GPIO-Expander . I want to use GPIO  for on/off  in tca9537 based on i2c . IN tca9537 I have four resister 1. Input(read) address( 0x01) 2.output (read/write) address(0x02) 3.polarity address( 0x...

ishu by Associate II
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CRC calculation in STM32G4

Hi,I am working with STM32G491RE in my project. I have to transmit data through UART and I need to calculate CRC for that my application:txdata[0] = 0x78;txdata[1] = 0x04;txdata[2] = 0x11;txdata[3] = 0x01; I have to calculate CRC16 for txdata...

Concurrent DMA controlled SPIs failing (STM32H7)

All,I'm finding that concurrent DMA driven SPI transfers are failing.its STM32H743, Latest HAL, latest Cube and followed all rules with cache configuration etc etc.I’m running this in different FreeRTOS threaads and if I put a mutex around the HAL DM...

MS.9 by Associate III
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RM0316 - typo in figure (FLITF)

It should be FLITF.It's also in the 3rd figure on the next page.The typo is also in RM0364, but it's corrected in RM0313.Can't these figures be redrawn so that masters are on top, and slaves on right, as is in other 'Fx RMs?JW

STM32F410 PLL Jitter on PWM

Hello,i want to use a really precise PWM signal but i get a lot of Jitter on it.I am using the F410 with a 16Mhz crystal. The PLL produces from there a Frequency of 100Mhz (I need this high frequency for my other tasks).The rest of my hardware needs ...

PDieh.1 by Associate III
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