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Resolved! Restart One Shot ADC + DMA

Hi,I have an STM32H747IGT6 that I wish to:Continuously sample 4096 ADC samplesTransfer each sample from the peripheral to memory using DMATrigger an interrupt at the end of the conversionsAfter the CPU operates on the stored data, restart the process...

slc2015 by Associate II
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Sequence of 4 measurements using ADC1

I was unable to configure ADC1 to measure a "4 channel sequence" and then generate an interrupt.I am using the injected result registers to read the values in the ISR.Adc_Value[0]= ADC1->JDR1;Adc_Value[1]= ADC1->JDR2;Adc_Value[2]= ADC1->JDR3;Adc_Valu...

bolurian by Associate II
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FLASH_WaitForLastOperation returns error in STM32G070

I try to erase a page using this code:bool EraseFlash() { uint32_t FirstPage = 0, NbOfPages = 0; uint32_t PageError = 0; int i; FLASH_EraseInitTypeDef EraseInitStruct = {0};   HAL_FLASH_Unlock(); FirstPage = GetPage(FLASH_START);   /* Get the ...

rickard2 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H725 Vcap pins

Hello,I would like to know whether I understood the application note about the Vcap pins correctly. If there are 3 Vcap pins on the package, then 2 capacitors should be placed and one has to be connected to another. I'm not sure about this connection...

fing by Associate II
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STM32F429 Automatically Enables Write Protection

Hello guys,In some of the products we developed with STM32F429, we received the write-protected error I mentioned in the image. I know how to turn off write protection, but I can't figure out how it activates independently. However, there are also ma...


Resolved! KSZ8863RLL (dual PHY) - datasheet typo/error?

Heyho,first of all, I know this is a Microchip product, but their forum is rather dead.And I have seen some people here using the KSZ8863RLL. So please bear with me... I'm currently working on a big and complex PCB including the "dual PHY" KSZ8863RLL...

LCE by Principal
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STM32H7 periodical TIM triggered SPI transfer w/o DMA?

On a STM32H745ZI-Q - Board I want to create periodical 4-byte SPI transfers  triggered by a timer. So far I got this working the following way:TIM triggers DMADMA initiates the SPI transfer.However, the SPI transfer timing (CS low) has a high jitter ...

MSZB by Associate II
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Can't upload the firmware F405

HI all, I am building a system to control my battery charger.When I power up the system from the DC power supply it work perfectly.But when I power up this with AC power supply it gives below error. What can be the possible error?

Supun_C by Associate
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